The “附子”(FuZi)

Kearry Qian
2 min readMay 11, 2021


FuZi Flower (Picture Source From Internet)

Traditional Chinese pharmacology has intensive use of natural plants. Some of these natural ingredients, like ginseng and yacon, are very rare in nature and thus valuable. “附子” (FuZi) is one of the natural plants only found in the mountains of northern China and has amazing effects for saving moribund patients.

My grandfather was a renowned traditional Chinese doctor, and he once told me a story about “附子”(FuZi). When he was young, he went to collect ingredients for medicine in the mountain with his master. It was early summer, but he found in a narrow and shaded valley, ice and snow remained unmelted. Besides the ice grew a green plant with purple flower, and his mastered told him that’s FuZi. It instantly occurred to my grandfather that, according to Taoism and traditional Chinese medical theory, the nature FuZi grows in the cold and uninhabited areas that stay frozen all year gave its ability to melt the “inner fire” of diseases.

Although our ancestors is not familiar the chemicals contained in FuZi, they were correct about its effect as we can examine the useful materials through modern technology. However, research has also shown that if we transplant FuZi in rich and well-lit soil, despite increase in productivity, FuZi start to lose its effects in one or two generations. In most cases, from the third generation after transplantation, FuZi loses its medical value as the beneficial compositions in the sample cannot be detected.

The value of FuZi, exists in dangerous environments, and disappears in desirable environments. I believe the same rule applies to people.