It is not hard to notice that almost in every clock / watch advertisement, most of the products advertised stay at a fixed time, which most commonly is 10:08 am 45 seconds. Some commercials do 10:09 am 0 seconds, some do 10:10 am 30 seconds, but no matter what time is that, the point is to create a V-shape with two hands.

This does not happen at random. Instead, multiple psychological works prove that this is the optimal arrangement for the two hands for several reasons. Some says the V letter symbolizes “Victory” (which is a Western notion I didn’t quite understand as a Chinese), some says both hands pointing upward creates an aesthetically pleasing form, and others the shape resemble flying birds which encourage people to work harder etc… Therefore, no matter race, territory, and nation, almost all clocks in commercial point at some time around 10:10 am.

However, putting aside the shape of the hands, what does the time around 10:10 am mean in a day?

Clocks and watches are products from industrialization, and with these indicator of time, people are detached from natural clues, so they can work and rest more regularly. What is a typical day of this industrialized world? National departments normally start at 8, private companies normally start at 9, and malls and store at 10. 10:10 am is the best time of a day without doubt. At 8, people hasn’t fully woken from nighttime sleep. At 9, people hasn’t enter the zone for working. At around the 10:10 am, their minds fully wake, their works progress steadily, and at the peak of efficiency and spirit. I guess for most types of occupations, some of the best works are done at around this time of the day.

10:10 am is also a good time for decision. Many companies convene management meeting at around 10, maybe because that people are most sober at this time of the day. I believe seldom people commit crimes this time of the day: it is hard to imagine at this beautiful hour of the day, anyone would gamble, murder, steal, or rob. It’s not only the most beautiful and productive time, but also the most innocent and cleanest time of the day.

When I walk past clock stores, I often notice the time of the watches and clocks. If I see all the clocks are pointing at 10:08 am and 45 seconds, I would assume it’s a classy store with reliable quality. On the other hand, if I see a store with watches pointing at random times, I would feel sorry about the fact that they did not pay attention to details and use the best time of the day.

If we consider the peak at 10:10 am as the standard of our day or standard of our life, and keep the positive, clear, sober, energetic mindset, success and happiness can be more easily attained.